Три чаще всего заказываемых измерения

Износ токопроводящего провода 4.0

Determination of the remaining contact wire thickness (wear), synchronized video recording...

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Измерение рельсового пути


Von DTK wurde ein Messsystem entwickelt, mit dem unter einem Linienfahrzeug im Linienverkehr...

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Контактный провод-Положение-Удар

The measurement system is used for acceptance test of newly installed overhead lines,the regular...

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GL Messung (RU)

Track measurement


  • Measurement of the Track geometry and the Rail profile.


Grooved Rail

  • Groove with (each sides)
  • Groove depth (each side)

Vignol Rail

  • Height of the rail head (each side)

Both systems

  • Track Gauge
  • Superelevation
  • Curve radius
  • Longitudinal Incline
  • Torsion
  • Versine
  • Shocks between Wheel and Rail (measured from the bogey)
  • Driving Speed
  • Acceleration
  • all measurement data with synchronized Video and Audio files at salient waypoints 
  • Convenient Evaluation Software
  • Detailled measurement report


  • The different parameters are already shown while the measurement.
  • All measurements are done under normal load conditions.
  • Problems occuring causedm of the interaction between Vehicle, Track and Overhead line can be found.


  • The Hunting can be recorded.
  • Excatly coordinates for every dataset can be recorded with GPS or dGPS
  • Software training for the handling of our software

DTK Software analysis:

  • Exceedings of preset values for: track gauge, groove depth, groove width, shocks and Profile evaluations (Rail head, Profile wear, cant of the rail, distances)

Aktuelle Bilder des Messsystems: