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Износ токопроводящего провода 4.0

Determination of the remaining contact wire thickness (wear), synchronized video recording...

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Измерение рельсового пути


Von DTK wurde ein Messsystem entwickelt, mit dem unter einem Linienfahrzeug im Linienverkehr...

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Контактный провод-Положение-Удар

The measurement system is used for acceptance test of newly installed overhead lines,the regular...

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LS Messung(RU)

Overhead-line-position-shock measurement

In principle

  • all systems can be adapted and extended to meet your specific needs.


The measurement system is used for:

  • acceptance test of newly installed overhead lines
  • the regular verification of the situation and the performance of current collecting systems overhead-line-bounded rail vehicles 
  • troubleshooting the electricity drain system, to avoid for example the carbon strip damage


  • stagger measurement
  • overhead line height measurement   
  • shock measurement between overhead line and contact strip
  • speed measurement
  • vehicle acceleration measurement
  • synchronized video recording and audio marks at salient track positions
  • convenient analysis software
  • detailed investigation report


Based on the measurement results, critical points and sections of the overhead line can be detected reliable and comfortable.

Identified defects may be eliminated. The interaction between pantograph and overhead line (Consideration of the concrete track conditions and individual operating performance of the used vehicles) may be improved. 

  • it may be installed on any regular traction unit
  • the installation takes 3-6 hours depending on the vehicle
  • the measurements are performed at normal driving speed, on a regular vehicle to analyze the system in normal conditions
    • the regular traffic flow is not disturbed by the measuring run
    • the dynamic influences of the current collector and vehicle as well as of the track substructure are included in the measurement results 
    • the individual performance of different types of vehicle may be analyzed and compared
  • the measured values are known as highly reliable:
    • they are captured automatically, processed and saved by measuring computers 
    • error sources caused by manual inspection are largely excluded
  • a high level security guaranteed 
    • the overhead line stagger is measured with optical sensors
    • fibre optic cables are used to ensure a potential free data transfer to the inside of the vehicle

During the measurement run, the condition of the overhead line system can already be seen on the screen.

The incoming data is processed and displayed on PC screens.

The video recordings of the pantograph allow a very clear documentation of the measurement.


  • current and voltage may be measured (See current and voltage measurement)
  • contact quality and contact resistance  may be determined (See contact resistance/ contact quality)
  • the interaction with the pantograph may be analyzed
  • on request we record exact geographic coordinates using GPS or dGPS
  • software training for the handling of our software

The developed software provides convenient tools for the analysis of the measurement data

  • all measurement data are displayed graphically
  • the measurement charts/diagram may be printed and displayed individually or in any combination
  • the chart scales may be adjusted enabling a detailed analysis of the individual sections
  • limit values can be entered for individual parameters to facilitate the identification of critical sections and imperfections along the route
  • during the recording of measurement data, salient track positions may be tagged. Thus ensuring a quick locating of relevant track sections
  • the analysis of all parameters allows conclusions about the driving dynamics of the vehicle and pantograph

DTK Software analysis:

  • stagger and height distribution
  • shocks
  • stagger transgression
  • locations without stagger
  • height transgression
  • shocks in selected stagger position
  • gradient of the overhead line (static and dynamic)
  • positions of overhead line parts

Latest pictures of the measuring system: