Thermal Imaging (Thermography)

DTK thermal imaging makes it possible to measure the temperature at the contact point between the current collector and the overhead wire. The system can be used in any situation in which energy is converted to heat, e.g. as the result of a poor electrical contact.

Variables Captured:

  • Temperature in °C for every image point
  • Position on the route (GPS coordinates and route)
  • Speed

plus optionally:

  • Voltage and current

Thermal imaging can be combined effectively with the overhead line position-shock measurement and/or with the overhead wire wear measurement.


The data obtained gives an accurate image of the temperatures occurring between the overhead wire or overhead conductor rail and the pantograph during travel along the route and when stationary.

Thermal imaging can also be used to test electronic components, third-rail connection points and brake linings.


The evaluation software help detect areas in which the contact strip is significantly heated, from which conclusions can be drawn about the contact quality between the pantograph and the contact wire.

Measurement system images

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