Noise Levels

The DTK Noise Level measurement captures all sound vibrations originating at the wheels of a vehicle chassis and creating auditory sensations. Using appropriate algorithms, the measurement microphone software prepares the data for integration within the DTK system and for synchronisation with other measurements of the running properties of the wheels.

Variables Captured:

  • Sound pressure level at each wheel
  • Position on the route (GPS coordinates and route)
  • Speed


A sound-level measurement offers the possibility of identifying points with excessive sound pressure levels that can be indicative of a disharmonious interplay between wheel and rail. It therefore makes sense to perform this measurement together with a measurement of the track and of the hunting or contact point of the wheels with the rails to determine the causes of the excessive noise levels.


The sound pressure level data obtained during the measurement is captured using special software. This data is integrated into the DTK software and synchronised with the route and track data.

DTK Explorer offers the possibility of detecting links and evaluating causes for increased noise levels using measurement data from the wheel running properties and the track geometry.

Measurement system images

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