Third rail measurement


The DTK System is used for:

  • Measuring the position of the current rail
  • Recording the positions of shocks between current rail and current collector
  • Analysing the current drain, recuperation and voltage (optionally)
  • Measuring of the length of areas without current rail


  • Measurement of driving speed
  • Measurement of accelerations
  • whole measurement data with synchronized video and audio files.
  • salient waypoints can be inserted while the measurement
  • optionally exact coordinates (if a sufficient number of satellites can be seen)
  • DTK Software
  • DTK investigation report


  • With the videos of the measurement you can see and analyze the interaction between current collector and conductor rail.
  • With the measurement of current and voltage you can get the information at which point the interaction between current collector and conductor rail is disturbed.
  • Based on the measurement results you can find easily the critical points and areas on the current rail.
  • Found problems can be solved and with the knowledge of the measurement the pairing of current collector and current rail can be improved.
    • Mounting the system takes 3-6 hours, depending on the vehicle type.
    • The measurements are made under normal conditions and normal driving speed.
      • The normal traffic is nearly not infliuenced by the measurement run.
    • The measurement values are highly reliable:
      • The values are detected full automatically, analyzed and saved.
      • The failure possibilities of manual measurements are excluded
    • While the measurement a high safety level is secured:
      • The data transmission inside the vehicle is made via fibre optic cables.
    • While the measurement a first impression about the height of the current rail can be given. The incoming measurement data are immediately analyzed and shown grafically on a PC-Monitor.
    • The recording of the current collector video, which can be shown synchonous, allows a very clear documentation of the measurement.
    • The selft developed software gives the user many possiblities to evaluate the measurement data very convenient.


  • the profile of the current rail (wear) and the horizontal distance between current rail and rail can be measured.
  • the current drain and voltage can be measured.
  • the contact resistance between current rail and collector can be measured.
  • the current collector can be analyzed.
  • the track geometry and rail profile can be measured.
  • exact coordinates via GPS or dGPS (if a sufficient number of satellites can be seen)
  • software training for the handling of our software

DTK Software

The developed software provides convenient tools for the analysis of the measurement data

  • All measurement data are shown as diagrams
  • The measured parameter can be shown separate or together
  • The scale for every value can be adjusted and every are can be zoomed in to analyse a short area
  • Limits can be shown for every parameter to enable the user to find already on the diagram the exceedings
  • Salient waypoints can already be inserted while the measurement so that the failures found while the measurement can be found very easy while analyzing the measurement data
  • The numerous evaluation tools enable the user also to give information about complex problems.

DTK Software analysis

  • Areas with a to high or to low height of the current rail
  • Shocks between current rail and collector show
  • Ramps
  • Position of construction parts

Latest pictures of the measuring system

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