Ride Comfort

A ride comfort measurement evaluates the vibrations of the vehicle body to which passengers are subjected. Measurements and evaluation of the measurement data are based on UIC datasheet no. 513: Guidelines for evaluating passenger comfort in relation to vibration in railway vehicles.

Variables Captured:

  • Amplitudes of acceleration of vehicle body vibrations
  • Comfort parameter NMV for the 3 levels

It is possible to also capture measurements of the track geometry at the same time so that the causes of particularly strong accelerations in the ride comfort data can be highlighted.


This measurement serves to evaluate vibrations occurring on the vehicle body to which passengers are subjected. To capture and display the data, acceleration sensors are arranged in all three axes within the vehicle.


The sensor measurement data is used to determine the comfort parameter NMV for the three axes as an indication of the quality of ride comfort. Of course we can also provide data as requested by the customer.

Measurement system images

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