Overhead Line

The DTK Position-Shock system is ideally suited for overhead line inspections and to analyse the interplay between the overhead wire and the pantograph.

Variables Captured:

  • Overhead wire height
  • Rise and sag of wire
  • Lateral position (stagger)
  • Shocks (horizontal and vertical) acting on the contact strip
  • Speed
  • Position of data on route (GPS coordinates and route meter)

plus optionally:

  • the lateral inclination of the vehicle body to determine the static stagger position of the overhead wire
  • Voltage and current
  • Temperature (thermographic measurement)


The DTK Position-Shock system has been developed specifically to locate faults in the overhead wire network and thus helps to minimise idle times. It enables fault areas to be quickly detected, while the necessary repair work can be derived from the measurement data obtained. The system can also be used to determine the causes of cross-grooves in the carbon contact strips, the wear profile on the strips, etc.

DTK sets the shock capture to a high level of sensitivity so that the slightest disturbance at the contact strips can be detected. Shocks are measured by 2 sensors mounted to the contact strips.

It is also possible to capture the current passing through the contact strips (including reverse current from braking regeneration). Finally, thermal imaging is used to capture the temperature at the contact point between the wire and the contact strip at the same time.


A user-friendly software element helps the user find significant occurrences such as points at which the lateral position of the overhead wire on the contact strip is too great or sections in which the stagger is too little. The software can also be used to select particular sections and the relevant video sequences of the panorama view and the contact between the pantograph and overhead wire for that section can be viewed.

Capturing GPS data further enables the deviations to be conveniently displayed in a map view. The data can also be exported to a database or for further processing. Here you can specify freely whether, say, all data should be exported or only data within a given range.

Measurement system images


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