Clearance Gauge

The Clearance Gauge measurement determines any obstacles in the clearance spaces for rail vehicles. With the clearance gauge test it is possible to send virtually a static or dynamic vehicle profile through a given route and thus detect critical points at which collisions could occur.

The complete infrastructure is recorded all round the rail axis and the following parameters are captured:

  • Track cant
  • Curve radius
  • Yaw angle
  • Pitch angle
  • Position on the route (GPS coordinates and distance)
  • Speed


When ordering new rolling stock, some transport operators wish to send clearance gauge measurements to the manufacturer. This data makes it possible to design vehicles that can travel all routes without risk of contact.

Other clients wish to know the clearance gauge profile for their routes taking the track cant and curve radius into account or to know what clearance their vehicles require when passing particular curve sections at different speeds.

DTK has developed a range of systems to meet these demands in which customers wish to measure the clearance gauge profile or clearance envelopes required according to the vehicle movements.


The evaluation software is designed to capture any point at which the clearance gauge is overstepped; these can be displayed in 2D view, in diagram view and as red markings on the 3D view.

Measurement system images

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