Rack Geometry

DTK rack measurement measures the parameters that are necessary for smooth drive in rack-and-pinion railway systems.

Variables Captured:

  • Central position of the rack on the track
  • Gauge (combined with the central position)
  • Height of tooth crest above top of rail
  • Height of rack in relation to top of rail
  • Tooth pitch
  • Tooth flank angle/tooth flank inclination
  • Tooth contour (graphical evaluation from current profile to ideal profile)
  • Tooth flank wear
  • Horizontal position of the cavity on the tooth flank (for ladder rack)
  • Position on the route (GPS coordinates and route)

The rack measurement can be combined with other DTK measurement procedures, depending on the problems or wishes of the transport operator with regard to its rolling stock, rail or contact wire network.



The comparison of the ideal profile with the current profile can be used to determine the level of wear. Already during the measurement run, customers can gain an initial impression of the condition of the rack from the measurement computer monitors.

Measurement campaigns can also be compared with one another, for example to evaluate changes to the rack geometry and contours and to plan renovation activities in due time.


Our comprehensive evaluation software helps the user find significant occurrences, such as deviations from the specified tooth pitch clearance or the central position, or deviations of the contour from its intended condition.

Capturing GPS data further enables the deviations to be conveniently displayed in a map view. The data can also be exported to a database for further processing.

Measurement system images


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